Power Trend EA Trading Robot For Sale


Power Trend EA Trading Robot  is one of the best-automated forex trading robots (best fx ea) in the market with its unique system of executing trades. This auto forex robot is best on the M15 and can also be used for forex fund management.

This automated forex trading robot has the following parameters:

-Best Timeframes: M15

-Trading Platform: Metal Trader 4(MT4)

-Best Currency Pairs: EURUSD

-Hedging = True

-Grid Trading=True


Power Trend EA Trading Robot For Sale

We have the most updated Power Trend EA Trading Robot For Sale at the best rates. Very user-friendly and super-effective forex EA. The Power Trend EA is an automated forex trading robot designed by one of our best technical strategists. From its name, it is a trading algorithm that trades on the market trend. It is based on indicators such as the stochastic and moving average. It has been making consistent profits on our clients’ accounts since its creation.

Power Trend EA(Timeframes and Currency pairs):

The power trend EA can run on all timeframes but best on the Fifteen Minutes Timeframe(M15). This automated forex trading robot is designed to trade on all currency instruments such as the Euro-US Dollar(EURUSD),  US Dollar-Japanese Yen(USDJPY), Australian Dollars-US Dollars(AUDUSD), Euro-Japanese Yen(EURJPY).

How does Forex Automated EA Trading Work?

Automated trading works through several steps. First of all, you will need to choose an EA trading platform (which we have discussed later). Then you need to identify your trading strategy. After that, create a set of rules and set parameters. Next, a custom algorithm will apply your criteria and trade on your behalf. The software will continuously monitor the financial market prices and automatically trades when your predetermined parameters are met. However, it has both advantages and disadvantages. Let’s look at those.

Best Automated Forex Trading Robot

Power Trend EA Trading Robot
Power Trend EA Trading Robot

This Automated Forex Trading Robot executes its trades throughout the week(24/5) and watches the market for you. You will experience constant growth in your equity over the long term. You are at the right place to buy  Power Forex EA Trading Robot For Sale

Money Management

This automated trading robot has stealth stop loss and takes profit which is in-build within the system. It also has features of martingale and grid-trading terminology. Contract size (lot multiplier) and market ranges are other features of the robot that can be customized by the trader to suit his/her trading needs. Trust me you will need the Power Trend EA Trading Robot to maximize your profits.

For example, you can set a start lot size of 0.01 lot and a market range of 10pips. Please we will always advise our clients to use the default settings of this EA on their account.


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