Kelly-Criterion Trading Robot


This trading algorithm has the following parameters:

-Best Timeframes: D1

-Best Currency Pairs: GBPUSD

-Hedging = False

-Grid Trading=False

-Money management method: Kelly-Criterion


Kelly-Criterion Trading Robot

Kelly-Criterion Trading Robot is available and ready to give you its best in risk management in forex trading. Kelly criterion is a mathematical formula for bet sizing, which is frequently used by investors and gamblers to decide how much money they should allocate to each investment or bet through a predetermined fraction of assets. We have used this concept to build this wonderful trading Algorithm in which contract sizing is being calculated based on the Kelly-Criterion formula. Investors often face a tough decision when trying to decide how much money to allocate, as staking either too much or too little will result in a large impact either way.

Why choose Kelly-Criterion Trading Robot?

This trading Algorithm is the best in the industry because it calculates the contract size for you based on past winning trades thus managing your trading psychology. Remember, 95% of all forex traders end up losing money in the market because they can not manage risks and fears. Hence you can see how effective Kelly-Criterion Trading Robot is.

Money Management(Risks)

Kelly-Criterion Trading Robot Trading Algorithm

The risk parameters of the trading algorithm are customized in such a way that you can choose any risk parameter you want the EA to run based on. Some money management methods include; fixed lot size, risk percentage, Used_ Margin_Percentage, Kelly Criterion.

Timeframe and currency pairs   

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This EA , ( Kelly-Criterion Trading Robot) runs on all timeframe and trading instruments of the financial market. It is advisable to trade it on the daily timeframe(D1) so as to avoid the risk of over-trading. Currency pairs with high daily market ranges such as the GBPUSD and GBPJPY are good for this type of trading algorithm.



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